Doing recordings in a studio is a much more comfortable way to get your "creative work" done then doing it all by yourself.

In my studio, I am able to record:

- Vocals (clean/guttural)

- Choirs (up to nine singers)

- Acoustic stringed instruments (guitar/banjo/bouzouki/lute/bass/fiddle/cello...)

- Electric amplified instruments (guitar/bass/fiddle/cello/...)

- Acoustic Drums (incl. triggers)


Getting your recorded Tracks mixed by a professional Audio Engineer is almost a "must have" nowadays.

A "simple" mix includes:

- Volume adj.

- Panorama adj.

- Compression

- Eq

- Reverb, Delay, ...

-Track Mastering

A recording session is charged by 59€/h and has to be booked at least 1 week in advance.

The recorded tracks will be provided after having recieved the payment as ....WAV file in the desired quality.

A mixing session is charged by 149€/20 tracks, 199€/30 tracks and 249€/40 tracks, ect... and includes up to 3 mixing revisions.

Per mixing project there is an estimated waiting time of 3 days after having recieved the payment. The mixed Song will be proveided as ...WAV file in the desired quality.

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