Armin Rauls Guitar Teacher

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Hello, I am glad you made it to my website.
Let me explain you what you will find here.

On this website you will find information about me and my musical career. I will provide you with tips that helped me improve my playing, musical knowledge and  understanding. I will also show you several tricks I learned in recording studios that I use in my every day life as a modern session guitarplayer and teacher. You can aswell have a closer look on gear and equipment I am using and the bands and artists I worked with.

I am searching for new students. If you want to start learning  the guitar or want to improve your playing and knowledge of musical theory you came to the right place. I do lessons in German, English and French. More information on my teaching concept (on/ and offline) can be found here.
I do offer reasonable prices and many other advantages for my students such as gear optimisationrecording preparation and instrument service. (setup, string (gauge) change, neck adjustment,  nut and saddle replacement, etc.). 

I do aswell own a special teaching and learning concept for kids of all ages. Teaching them to find their own musical voice and creating fun by learning how to play the guitar.

Feel free to stay and have a closer look.

I would be pleased to gain you as a follower on Instagram or Facebook.
Also contact me if you have any questions.
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